Rebecca, you are a successful model in Britain, tell me what fashion projects were you engaged in lately? 


OMG!! I actually cannot wait to show everyone our latest campaign!!


We’re headlining it in my home town, in the Manchester City Centre it’s going to be epic, but for now it’s a secret!! [ Laughs ]

In addition to your modeling career, you are the author of the popular mental health blog, how did you come to its creation? 


Oh gosh, I started it when I was younger I’d write to myself at night to try express my feelings as I never really had anyone to talk too, I found as I grew up more people related to my story and as I grew it grew with me, I think we have just under 100,000 people who follow. I’m truly blessed.

Ellements Magazine NYC 

2019 interview 

You are a popular model in Britain, who delights her fans with new looks every single day. Tell us about your special clothing style.

I literally live in the gym, you will always catch me in workout clothes. Sneakers are my most favourite item, you can't get much better.


What do you think are the main differences in British and American fashion? 

I have lived between the USA and the UK for 2 years now, as for me, America gets thelatests fashion items rst, I love shopping down on 5th.


You made an incredibly stylish photo shoot for Ellements. Tell us how the shooting went, what you liked best and how it worked with the team. 


Our team were great on this shooting, nevertheless we did have so much fun, the atmosphere was absolutely relaxing withlots of breaks and snacks.

Ellements Magazine NYC 

2020 Front Cover 

You have become well-known for shedding light on mental health issues. When did you decide to start speaking about the importance of mental health?


Oh Gosh! 


I started speaking out a few years ago after being in a really low place. I found that I wanted to try and show people that even someone like me has bad days too. 

I think it's important that I use my social presence to show both sides of the coin. Life's not all perfect poses and nice holidays. Sometimes, it's low moods and not getting dressed. For me it's important that shows.


As a model & mental health advocate, what would you say to aspiring models & fans who look up to you?

Be yourself. If theres one thing I've learned along the way its most definitely be yourself. 

Dark Magazine California 

2020 Interview 

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