Winds Of Change

you ever just sat there and though DAM! life stung me hard, I mean from the age of what I care to remember it threw me backwards, the rest kind of went down hill.


Kicked out of school

Kicked out of college


No job

Life was B L E AAAAK 😵

2020 was the year I said ‘it’s different uno’ the year I said ‘well I’m 30 now’ looking up to the clouds ‘enough is enough, I deserve a break’

There’s something strange about this year, it’s almost like it’s changing, it’s calm, The storm is calm and them waves, well there slowly flowing.

This year I said I predicted change, and I can 100% feel it’s coming, the energy around me is soft, Its leading up to walking a path I once dreamed

The same dream from when I was younger is now shaping its character, another 6months and it’s giving me everything I manifested.

The troubled water drowned the enemies and gave the real a life jacket.

For about two weeks I have felt the energy behind my anxiety, it’s clearing, it’s burning BUT ITS STRONG! it’s enough to take me off my feet.

So I’m calm because I know what’s coming is good, it’s what was meant to be - It’s almost over ✌🏼❤️

[ if you read this and felt the relief behind it then you too are an empath, you too are a spiritually connected person, it’s going to be ok ] 🤞🥰

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