Listen up... i tend to say things that straight its horizontal so here’s exactly how it is

You got to sit and give the universe ur vibrations, u got to sit and make a vow to yourself that it’s not Your problem anymore

You got to absolutely give yourself a hard time for giving yourself a hard time because ur only human,

The truth is life ain’t easy, but nothing worth having is or everyone would have it

Fight, fight back!! Don’t let those who fear your stance ruin your presence

There’s one thing that beats absolutely everything and that same thing doesn’t go un noticed, A KIND HEART

Love will always prevail, the integrity of a pure soul will forever shine over a dim light

Don’t beat yourself down over minor mistakes,

You think Thomas Edison just woke up one day and created a lightbulb no he sat amongst the glass, the same glass he broke fixed him

You Don’t stop because some one puts you down - you carry on because someone puts you down

You don’t ever give up - you wasn’t designed for that, defeat just ain’t an option

2020 is about to get DEEP 🏊‍♀️💯

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