those who speak ill of you are already mentally behind you.

The reason people act in a vindictive or manipulative way is because they themselves have underlining issues,

Issues that have lived with them for that long they have become permanent wounds, wounds that can no longer be easily healed!

Those same wounds create distortion, jealousy bitterness and dark motions.

some people never heal, some become that far gone they believe there narcissistic actions are pure.

They tend to try to manipulate others into thinking the same as them because alone there strength is powerless, alone they are as weak as there wound.

These People will go through life destroying others, because it helps them gain a sense of achievement and for one split second they feel better however it’s a placebo effect therefor doesn’t last long which changes there character completely resulting in bullying tactics - mentally requiring them to continue because without that they have nothing, no voice, no face, NOTHING

there simply invisible, which doesn’t serve there need for attention

Don’t be like them people

Carry love, strength, courage & hope ❤️

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