I’m a mum!! A mum of four

I mean come on honestly who gave me a kid, I’m the most immature person on the planet I take nothing serious I’d probably turn up late to my own funeral tbf ....

Only.. boom there’s 4 kids now go chill out

Not only am I a mum who co parents with my 10 year im a mum with three under threes

Im also the mum that deals with hospital appointments, medicines and round the clock care for our youngest.

The reason I’m posting this is because I get asked a lot ‘how do you balance your mental health and parenting’


Some days I feel a failure others I feel accomplished, today I’m full of anxiety because I know it’s only going to get harder

But they never asked to enter the world I made that choice for them, each one I chose to bring to the world ( apart from the last she’s a twin kind of had no choice 🥴 )

therefore it’s not really about my mental health I mean don’t get me wrong that’s important because if i fall off the rails they fall with me but what I’m getting at is

No matter how bad my days get, my anxiety gets or how bad I wanna just lock the door and cry, I can’t ...

Because there’s 4 little people looking up at me hoping Iv got the answers to all there problems

When the truth is I don’t but my smile back at them says different

One day at a time Is my answer to any parent who’s got a mental illness the rest you just work out along the way 👊🏼❤️

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