Mental Health

People with mental health have accepted there flaws therefor nothing really phases them because you can not break the broken

We don’t take it hits a barrier and then just bounces back so we carry on ...

We just drift waiting for the day our last breath is taken whilst smiling as if we have no problems, we make ends meet and that is that

It’s not that we don’t care it’s that we once cared too much,

The problem is that those with mental health are dangerous but not because they seek to hurt you but because they seek to forget

Infact most will avoid confrontation all together because it’s only then does the 2nd party truly see the terminology ‘dangerous’

There’s a saying if you kick a man while he’s down expect him to stay down for when he gets back up there’s a possibility your f*cked

It wasn’t until I accepted myself for who I am did I truly understand the meaning of Pandora’s box ....

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