when I was a child I became subjected to a broken heart, I became subjected to a life of confusion, regret and un answered questions

I drifted through life not having a god dam clue of what the hell happened or why

When I got older, I begun to learn and understand, I begun to realise that things happen for a reason and that under no circumstances can you blame your self, some people are just not meant to stay in your life and that’s just the way it’s gotta be

We’re all destined for different paths some paths on gravel, some paths through the clouds

They call it now post traumatic stress disorder it usually comes with anxiety and depression

It’s when you have been effected by something so bad it alters your mindset, your thinking habits along side other things.

You become slow and tiered, your body gains great levels of fatigue yet apart of you remains hopeful and full of energy.

It caused me full term exclusion from school, it caused me run ins with authorities along side numerous other activities, it stole my childhood

You see when you sit and observe everyone and everything over time you grow up fast, almost too fast - you become immune to what’s not important or relevant - you become immune to things that would usually damage you YOU GAIN STRENGTH.

most who know me will say I should of crumbled a long time ago, ‘how she’s still standing I will never know’

I stand because I have reason, I stand because I took an oath to myself to fall in love with the girl looking back in the mirror that much that it would fill a gap so dark not even a torch would work.


However regardless of all the above what I found along the way was something I wouldn’t of imagined in my wildest dreams

Nearly 100,000 followers across my social media, followed by people who suffer just like me, people who cry just like me, people who feel like they need help, just like me

Which made me realise, we’re actually all in this together - some just don’t know it yet

So no matter what YOU be proud of YOUR journey

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