People think your ok, people think your smiling but what they think and what’s reality is completely different.

During lock down my mind has been in between wanting to be proactive and wanting to fall asleep and not wake up.

Any parent with mental health will understand when I say ‘them kids, they keep me going’

Life’s been tough, but I brushed off the heartache, I built from the tears and I washed away the pain.

It gets to you, it consumes your life so much so you fear doing things because your living life that far on the edge the next negative stunt could be the last thing you ever do

You ask for help, they say ‘talk to me’ but with tears rolling down the face of another who’s actually there.

Paid professionals get paid to care, its false - if they wasn’t getting paid do you think they would be there to say ‘you got this’ NOPE

Mental Health is swept under a carpet because at the end of the day nobody really knows what the f*ck to do about it

It’s that out there and personalised it’s impossible to treat, cure & hunt.

I feel truly sorry for those like me because we don’t have anyone other than ourselves and that tiny person in our head who we constantly argue to be nothing like.

there isn’t a cure, only a remedy to delay the prolonging of self destruction.



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