It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, it’s overthinking situations and before you know it you created a problem that wasn’t meant to be created.

We convince ourself we’re not good enough bc all from no provocation, were literally our own worst enemies without even knowing.

One day were happy, the next we’re not. It’s like living with two people, sometimes even more. There’s no control on who’s coming at what time, hour even day.

Day1 - wake up go to the gym

Day2- wake up and wanna stop life

We would absolutely love to be able to explain our mind & though process to someone but we’re do we start? Who do we start with.

Some say split personalities are ‘toxic’ others say there over loving and sensitive, who knows maybe there both.

Today we lost the battle

Tomorrow we start again

As Always, Don’t Give Up The Fight ❤️

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