Does Time Heal Anxiety

For years I told myself, it will get better.. in the end it will be ok and the truth is only this

Over time we accumulate more knowledge so we appear to be able to handle things better when in reality what we handle is the version of ourselves in better context, for example we learn which ways to avoid and which ways to go forward with.

There isn’t a day that goes by we’re I wish I could wake up ‘normal’ I envy those that don’t suffer because [ANXIETY] within its self, your loosing the battle on every side, the methodology behind the cure is simplicity

Inner conflicts will of course heal over time but unfortunately for us the memories remain the same, they don’t heal only fade.

So when I am asked ‘does Time heal anxiety’

For me the answer is unfortunately not, it’s something I wish I could walk into a chemist and take a medicine for and it create the person who longs to be cured inside but for me they only take the edge off

My advice for anyone with anxiety is to take one day at a time and learn from yesterday because tomorrow you may be faced with the same scenario yet not the same outcome.

The past isn’t there to judge it’s there to teach

Peace & Love to all ❤️

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