Run out of tablets before Christmas and not been able to get into the doctors 👀🧠


For those that don’t take medicine when it runs out your pattern tends to just goes out the window, sleep - appetite - social skills - memory fogs

I tend to stay inside and not answer the phone ( mostly texts only ) believe me it’s safer for me to stay in 🤣👋 I get wild impulsive ideas n end up at airports or in my car driving to some of the most random places *#badinfluence*

So Iv been living on a cbd vape to calm my anxiety until I Figured out what day it was and pick up the 📞 again: #problemsquad

I managed to get out twice aswell which I found really good: Iv been using this in the mornings also which was gifted from cbd one

One click into my drink it actually works really well for my anxiety, I tend to feel more motivated and focused which is a similar effect to what my regular meds would do

Anyone else use cbd products ??? 🌱

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