Congratulations, You Made The First Step! 

What a relief it is to know you feel the same, do you know when I first started this I thought everyone is going to think 'WIERDO', only what I found at the other end was something never thought possible



This is my happy place, the one place I don't have to hide, its the place were my fingers just sync with my brain. Everyone is equal here, there is no room for judgement.

For the few who know me they will say I should of crumbled a long time ago.

For the ones that one don't me, your about to be faced with realism, truths and facts.

                       ITS OK NOT TO BE OK - WHATS NOT OK IS TO HIDE IT 

Every since I was a child I repeatedly asked myself ‘why me’ 

You see mental health isn't something that you just wake up one day and say 'oh today il be this' its something that happens to you without warning, its something you cannot control. It controls you, or does it 



the cool club for those that are as confused as I was.

Online support, 121 private classes, forums for those who wish to speak out plus much much more..



This website is not a medical service, it is designed to provide general support & info on issues relevant to mental health.